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CS Fans Criticize Counter-Strike 2 For Poor Optimization

"Return CS:GO."

Image Credit: Valve, Counter-Strike 2

For the past half a year, gamers and fans of the renowned Counter-Strike series from all over the globe eagerly awaited the release of Counter-Strike 2, a new and improved version of Valve's legendary first-person shooter powered by the Source 2 engine. First announced in March 2023, CS2 promised to bring overhauled and visually-enhanced maps, volumetric smoke grenades, sub-tick update architecture, new high-resolution VFX, and more, with the developer even going as far as calling the release "the largest technical leap forward in Counter-Strike's history".

Six months of active development later, Counter-Strike 2 finally made its long-awaited debut earlier this week, released as a mandatory replacement for the beloved Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. While many in the community were happy with the release, a significant part of the playerbase has seemingly disliked the update, as evident from Counter-Strike 2's Steam reviews.

Image Credit: Valve, Counter-Strike 2

Within a day since its release, the new game amassed more than six thousand negative reviews on Steam, which, while a drop in a bucket, considering that Counter-Strike 2 uses CS:GO's ratings and already has more than seven million reviews, is still quite telling.

The majority of the negative feedback revolves around the game's performance, with players criticizing CS2 for low FPS, freezes, and other technical issues, even on high-end PCs. Others denounce Valve for "pulling a Blizzard" and removing CS:GO entirely without providing an option to play the previous iteration. Some condemn the new game for removing content that was present in the original game, such as maps and game modes. And finally, some players note that the game is currently full of cheaters and hackers, who, as they usually do, ruin the experience for everyone. Steam user, known as "domalake", summarized the main complaints perfectly, with their review reading as follows:

"Here are some of my biggest drawbacks.

  • No new weapons or maps have been added
  • Maps & existing game modes removed
  • Weapons re balanced to pair directly with slide canceling warzone players
  • Lower end PCs AND Mac, so long!
  • Lowest graphic settings consistently look AND perform worse than CS1.
  • Comp queue times are double that of 2 days ago (pre-update)

List of Pros

  • Palace has pretty lights"

And here are some more reviews shared by the community:

  • "What was the point of releasing this? A large amount of features and modes that were in CS:GO are just gone. War Games and most of its associated maps are removed. All of the local T's/CT's are missing, even the ones they remade for Dust2 and Nuke a while back. Danger Zone, the mode they added before they went Free-to-Play is also just gone."
  • "Don't get me wrong, I approve CS2, but removing CSGO entirely just makes me mad."
  • "Valve did an Activision-Blizzard, and force upgraded everyone playing CS:GO to play "Counter Strike 2" – so Valve which is it a sequel or a major patch?? On top of that they replaced the store page so all the millions of reviews and stats are now attributed to CS2 even though they were earned by CS:GO, underhanded and disgusting behaviour."
  • "You've decided to drop old game and drop macOS support. Great"
  • "Should've been a seperate game. I have a low-end laptop that ran global offensive perfectly fine with 70-90fps on the lowest settings, and now I get a major fps lag every couple minutes or so that completely freezez my game making me unable to do anything."
  • "I paid for a game and they removed it. This is absolute disgusting, just release your new game and keep the old one people paid for."
  • "I get most of the reasoning behind most of it, but where's War Games, why cut off all the three players who are on Mac, why kill CS:GO before CS2 is actually ready for tourney level play, what is going on"
  • "CHEATERS own this game."
  • "Return CS:GO."

Image Credit: Valve, Counter-Strike 2

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  • Anonymous user

    I havent had any problems on mid-high range graphical settings, and my pc isnt really that beefy (1070 armor oc, i5 11400, 16gb ddr4 3400mhz, 1tb ssd), and ive consistently been pulling 140-160 fps. Just because cs:go could run on potatoes linked by copper wire doesnt mean a 2023 production will, an overhaul of a whole engine is obviously going to demand higher performance hardware. Id also like to add to the complaints with queue times, it may show some outrageous queue times like 17 mins for a game of overpass, but ive queued within under 5 mins even with the predicted queue being longer, i think this may just be a bug due to influx in queues.


    Anonymous user

    ·9 months ago·

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