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Days Gone Director Pitched an Open-World Resistance Game

Days Gone staff also discussed a Syphon Filter reboot with Sony and Days Gone 2 pitch.

In a video call with David Jaffe, Days Gone director Jeff Ross discussed different game ideas that were brought up while working for Sony. When Sony asked if there were any other IPs the studio would like to explore, Ross suggested an open-world Resistance game.

"The pitch I was making was: 'open-world Resistance would be f*cking rad' We have all these open-world loops that we figured out and it almost wrote itself with Resistance. There were so many aspects of that property that kind of lent itself to open-world gameplay."

However, Ross says Sony wasn't interested in the pitch. Sony also suggested a third-person shooter Syphon Filter, but Ross admitted he didn't know how to bring it back. "I had zero ideas on how to reboot Syphon Filter, I was not interested in that at all."

Aside from Resistance and Syphon Filter, the director talked about Days Gone 2 saying that the pitch was dead on arrival and Sony wasn't interested in it. "It did get reviewed on a level right above the studio, but I don’t think it went any further than that. The reviews were through the lens of 'the first one was a trainwreck in so many ways and didn’t sell awesome, so let's just keep these guys busy'."

The comment follows the director's tweet where he said Days Gone had sold 9 million copies and said that "local studio management always made us feel like it was a big disappointment."

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