Dead Cells Devs' First Gameplay Trailer For Windblown Revealed

Motion Twin, the studio behind the hit roguelite platformer Dead Cells, has finally unveiled the first gameplay video of its upcoming stylish lightning-fast action co-op roguelite called Windblown.

It's been a while since the studio behind gorgeously detailed and ridiculously difficult hit roguelite platformer Dead Cells started working on its next project. Last year, during The Game Awards, a fast-action roguelite called Windblown promising to bring a whole new level of speed to the genre was finally announced.

Windblown is an isometric 3D action game that prioritizes mobility and its weapon system. You play as a Leaper, a creature able to "absorb memories of fallen warriors, and then put them to good use by infusing their skills into your weapons". Just as usual, you will learn from your countless deaths, memorize enemy movements, and come back stronger. And what's great, you can always seek help from other Leapers online since it's a three-player game.

Image Credits: Motion Twin, Windblown

Image Credits: Motion Twin, Windblown

Image Credits: Motion Twin, Windblown

Image Credits: Motion Twin, Windblown

Image Credits: Motion Twin, Windblown

"Leapers can absorb the memories of the fallen warriors who came before, unlocking special powers and allowing you to recraft their powerful gear. As you unlock these, you will gain access to more and more combinations that create unique and crazy synergies.

Equip up to two weapons and use their bespoke playstyles to unleash super-powerful and hidden Alterattacks. Throw in passive Gifts, handy Trinkets, and droppable Fish (?!) to adapt to every situation by shifting your build on the fly", says the game description on Steam.

The developers also shared very interesting insights into the weapon mechanics. According to Yannick Berthier, Motion Twin's Lead Game Designer, this system lets you swap between two weapons on the fly to combo attacks into unique finishers and every weapon has a "hidden, super-powerful attack that can only be triggered by playing with the other weapon equipped".

"The goal for us is to have a lot of synergies between weapons, so every time you unlock a weapon you'll have to think about how it will work with another one", added Thomas Vasseur, Game Artist.

You really have to respect the developers' dedication to the craft and willingness to try again and again, since Yannick Berthier has also revealed in the same interview that they redid the entire weapon system design just two weeks before the game announcement despite working on it for a couple of years already.

Windblown is set to launch this year in Early Access. Motion Twin places great emphasis on feedback as it helped to shape Dead Cells during its Early Access period and would also like to gather players' thoughts to help make Windblown as great as it can possibly be.

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