Developer Combines Physical & Digital in This Breakout-Like Game

ウダサン creates a unique sort of magic.

The classic Breakout game has become newly mesmerizing with VR and Unity developer ウダサン's take on it. The creator mixed the physical and digital worlds so you could bounce virtual balls off a tiny paddle in your hand.

There are some powerups that will diversify your game: cherries split the balls and watermelons enlarge them, according to one person who was lucky enough to test the project at a recent event in Japan. The most curious part of the setup is that if you let go of the controller, a ball will bump into it and make it fall.

Of course, there is no magic involved. While I can't explain how it actually works, another post from the creator shows them dropping marbles into what looks like a cardboard computer, and the balls turn into squeaky creatures, so I guess this is the answer to the mystery of how virtual pieces can impact the physical paddle: they are both real.

Image credit: ウダサン

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  • Anonymous user

    If I am not wrong this works with the help of haptics right?


    Anonymous user

    ·a month ago·

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