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Doom Developer John Carmack Talks Programming, VR & Video Games

The legendary programmer discusses his most iconic games.

Lex Fridman Podcast has released a 5-hour interview with John Carmack, a programmer behind the revolutionary Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Quake, and the Commander Keen series and co-founder of id Software.

In the video, Carmack talks about programming, the origin of id Software, and the creation and innovation of some of his most famous games. He also covers VR and AGI, gives advice to young people, and even discusses the meaning of life.

Apart from being a programmer, John Carmack is the founder of Armadillo Aerospace, a startup company aiming to build a suborbital spacecraft, and the former CTO of Oculus VR. 

Carmack popularized several techniques in computer graphics, including "adaptive tile refresh" for Commander Keen, binary space partitioning with Doom, surface caching for Quake, z-fail stencil shadows (often called Carmack's Reverse), and more.

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