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Dropped Baldur's Gate 3 Concept Could've Sent Dead Characters to the Fugue Plane

Well, but it was scrubbed.

As we know, in Baldur's Gate 3, death is permanent in Honour Mode, but other players can be revived with a Revivify Scroll. However, did you know that initially, the development team had envisioned a more complex mechanic where players would need to escape the fugue plane? That's exactly what was revealed by Larian Co-Founder and CEO Sven Vincke in a recent PC Gamer roundtable podcast.

"Whenever you died, you were supposed to go to the fugue plane," Vincke shared (via PC Gamer). "[We] had this entire thing so that when you died, you were gonna go into the fugue plane … for instance, you would be in the fugue plane but the rest of your party would still be walking around in the material plane."

Image credit: Larian, Baldur's Gate 3

In Forgotten Realms lore, the fugue plane is a neutral realm within the Astral Sea where spirits reside after death. It is where gods gather the deceased to assign them to their respective heavens based on their faithfulness to a specific deity.

However, this information was only shared by Larian's CEO, without providing additional details. The studio's focus on other projects could potentially lead to a reimagining of this concept to align with fresh game themes.

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