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Elden Ring Fan Built a Walking Mausoleum out of LEGO

The 30-pound model is made with the creator's 20-year collection of LEGO pieces.

Take a look at this Walking Mausoleum from Elden Ring made out of LEGO by Reddit user HoboSapient. The model is complete with a bell hanging on the building's "belly", trees, and flowers. There's even a tiny Mausoleum Knight protecting it.

The Mausoleum was done using the creators' vast collection of LEGO pieces they'd acquired over the last 20 years. A lot of them are taken from LEGO Technic and some were purchased for the project. The grand model weighs around 30 pounds, so, unfortunately, it can't walk.

Bonus points for the cat, HoboSapient said she was hanging around the whole photoshoot but didn't touch the construction.

Previously, HoboSapient posted the inner part of the model made digitally in Stud.io, a 3D LEGO building software.

The author also created the Proudspire Manor from Skyrim in the same program.

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