Epic Games Shared December's Free Content for Unreal Engine

Environments, assets, a combo input buffering system, and procedural crowds are waiting for you.

Christmas is just around the corner, and game developers can choose a present for themselves thanks to Epic Games' monthly selection of free content for Unreal Engine. December's giveaway brings you beautiful stylized environments, realistic assets, NPC crowds, and a buffering system.

Here is what you can ask Santa Claus for:

LUSH: Stylized Environment Set | PolyPeak 3D

The LUSH environment set comes with 50 stylized and optimized 3D models and a Simple Stylized Water Component for creating visually appealing, stylized scenes.


  •  Simple Stylized Water Component
  •  Landscape Material with 6 layers (Auto, Grass, Cliff, Sand, RiverBed, Mud)
  •  Customization via Material Instances

The latest version added a new Gravel Landscape Layer, updated the Demo Level to showcase it, and added an adjustable camera distance functionality to the Demo player.

Modular Victorian House | ZhenyaChistovsky

Create a Victorian home with ease using this kit. It offers a modular environment with many high-quality pieces of furniture and decor, complete with lighting for day or night scenes. The set has around 1920 high-quality assets and a variety of rooms such as an exterior, living room, restroom, kitchen, pantry, cabinet, bedroom, attic, and basement. You can interact with the objects, vertex-paint it, and set up an outline effect and automatic depth of field.

Greek Island | Scale 3D

This pretty environment offers 130 static meshes with LODs, lightmaps, and collisions. It has all the props you need to create breathtaking scenes, including rocks, props, temple modules, architecture modules, ocean, and decals. The island brings procedural foliage and an ocean Blueprint to make you want to forget about work and take a flight to Greece.


  • Architecture modules (walls, houses, floors, columns)
  • Small props (vases, fishes, wood_planks, fence)
  • Ocean blueprint
  • 130 statics meshes
  • 5 decals used for grunge and ornament
  • POM is used on surfaces like bricks and sand
  • Vertex paint used on houses
  • Procedural foliage

Easy Combo Buffering | BP Systems

This great system will add a combo input buffering system to your project in just a couple of minutes. Players can send an input for a move before the last one is executed. You will surely need this mechanic if you're building a fighting game that encourages player skills.


  • Easy to use
  • Unlimited combo inputs
  • Combo branching method
  • Melee weapon system included
  • Dual weapons
  • Ground/Air combo
  • Example combo animations included
  • Everything is well-commented

Procedural NPC Crowds V2 | Komodobit Games

If you want your game to burst with life, get this great plugin that adds NPC crowds to any city. You can quickly implement large-scale realistic crowds and pedestrian systems utilizing procedural behaviors with high performance. The developer promises hundreds of AIs on screen at once that will not affect the frame rates. These NPCs can react to their surroundings the way you want thanks to the behavior tree in the pack.


  • Designed to be used with blueprints, and can be extended upon with your own functionality and behaviors.
  • Included behavior tasks are written in C++ for fast execution.
  • Utilizes a procedural pathfinding system that allows the NPC to intelligently move throughout the world on their own with minimal logic needed.
  • This plugin allows you to procedurally set the Skeletal Mesh of the character or the Material of the Skeletal Mesh.
  • Comes with optimization components for character classes that allow them to be loaded or unloaded from the level based on the distance from the player with only a single blueprint node.

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