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Escape from Tarkov's New Edition Makes Fans Feel Outraged and Betrayed

“Just because you all want it to become a DLC it wouldn’t mean it is one.”

Image Credit: Battlestate Games, Escape from Tarkov

Battlestate Games, developer of the acclaimed first-person shooter Escape from Tarkov, is in the midst of a controversy following the release of a new version of the game, the Unheard Edition, priced at $250.

This new edition, which features additions like PvE co-op mode, enhanced stash size, and an increased Fence standing, has stirred significant unrest within the game's community.

Image Credit: Battlestate Games, Escape from Tarkov

A major point of contention is the exclusive PvE mode included with the Unheard Edition. The community remains divided over whether this PvE mode should be categorized as a 'DLC'. The developers clarified on Twitter saying: 

However, players are not buying it. As the top reply to this Twitter post reads:

Daniel Mavlyuberdinov, the lead community manager, told Forbes:

“DLC means additional downloadable content. PvE is a feature and a game mode…Just because you all want it to become a DLC it wouldn’t mean it is one.”

Adding fuel to the fire, other features of the Unheard Edition, such as an "enhanced stash size", "increased Fence standing" and a "unique in-game melee weapon", have been labeled as 'pay-to-win' by players. 

The uproar has spread across various platforms, with the community expressing their frustration on Twitter, the official community forums, and Reddit.

Moderators of the Reddit channel — boasting 913k members, despite being non-official — have declared 'The gates are open', indicating that posts about the new edition will largely be allowed. This is in stark contrast to the official Discord server, where almost all channels have been muted to prevent a flood of negative comments.

Image Credit: Battlestate Games, Escape from Tarkov

The Reddit moderators stated, "We were initially enforcing rule 8 however after an internal vote, looking into the new edition and some discussion we have all come to the conclusion that it sucks."

Even if you do not plan to buy it, feel free to check out the trailer of the Unheard Edition, which is jokingly called 'the Unheard Community Edition' by players:

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