Exploring Every Corner in The Last of Us Part II

Shesez, the creator of the Boundary Break YouTube series where you can take a look at what's behind the regular view in video games, reveals hidden details of the game design in The Last of Us Part II.

Starting with the first scene of the game where Joel is telling Tommy about what happened at the end of the previous chapter of the story, the creator points out that Tommy is not even there and all we can see is his floating gun, he only pops up a bit later all of a sudden. Shesez also notes that the interior we see on the screen is the same as the one we saw in the 2016 trailer with only a few slight modifications.

In one of the first scenes where you see a lot of characters all at once, Shesez points out there are Missing Materials textures in the picture and low frame-count animations for characters who are way too far to even notice. There are also weirdly unpolished animations for NPCs (e.g. one of them is cutting the non-existing chunk of meat in the middle of the kitchen) which is, as the author comments, fun to see in the games where characters are perfectly detailed.

In the bloody scene with Abby and Joel, if we take a look at the room right before Ellie walks in there, we can see NPCs sitting exactly where Joel is supposed to be which doesn't make any sense because these characters are not even involved in THE scene itself. Then when the creator zooms in on Abby, her arm somehow retracts right into her body after she hits Joel in the head. All this makes the scene quite literally a murder mystery.

Shesez also finds a bunch of unused elements hidden all over the map. There is a horse right underneath the map in the scene with Joel and Ellie and some unused 2D tree textures in the flashback scene with Abby and her father. Plus, in one of the scenes, you can see low-poly NPCs that were actually used in Uncharted 4.

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  • Anonymous user

    I love how the low poly characters look exactly like PS2 era regular poly characters. 😄


    Anonymous user

    ·2 years ago·

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