Fantasy Sci-Fi RPG Inspired by Warhammer, Halo & Metal Gear Solid

Project D lets you crush your enemies with stylish attacks.

If you're looking for impressive dynamic fights full of bright special effects and impactful attacks, check out Project D, previously Valorous, "an action-adventure multiverse that brings the genres of sci-fi, RPG, and fantasy into a single compelling experience."

"You’re entrusted to bring order in the world of chaos commencing from Earth and making your journey through multiverses towards the divine realm itself."

The RPG is inspired by a range of games in different genres: Warhammer, StarCraft, Halo, Dota 2, and Metal Gear Solid. Together, they pushed the developer Divine Studios to create "awe-inspiring game mechanics, modern graphics, and a thrilling storyline."

Project D is still in development; the latest update added NPC interaction. You can kill passersby, but people around will call the police and you'll have to deal with forces more dangerous the higher karma you have.  

There seem to be some interesting classes in the game, like a sci-fi mage, who uses scientific technology to create massive AoE explosions. Whatever path you choose, delicious combos and satisfying abilities will be there to assist you. 

Project D doesn't have a release date, but if you're interested in Divine Studios' progress, check out its X/Twitter.

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