Far Cry's Multiplayer Game Is Reportedly an Extraction-Based Shooter

The game will immerse players into an unforgiving environment where they'll have to defend against both human and animal adversaries, scavenging for resources.

Image credit: Crytek Studios, Far Cry 6

In January 2023, Ubisoft Montreal announced that they were concurrently working on two distinct Far Cry projects. Initially developed under the codename Talisker as a single entity, changes in management and a shift in direction led to the creation of two separate games. The first is Far Cry 7, internally referred to as Project Blackbird, which serves as Ubisoft's upcoming mainline title. The second project, known as Project Maverick, has evolved into a standalone Far Cry multiplayer game centered around extraction-based gameplay. Both games now exist as independent entities within the Far Cry franchise.

According to Tom Henderson from Insider Gaming, Far Cry's multiplayer game is described as an extraction-based multiplayer shooter. This implies that players will be transported to a map called Alashnica, inspired by Alaska, where they must navigate the unforgiving environment and defend against both human and animal adversaries. The objective is to scavenge for resources, improve gear through hunting, and discover weapons and other useful items. Players can embark on this adventure alone or team up with others for a cooperative experience.

Image credit: Ubisoft, Far Cry 5

In this new Far Cry game, players can enjoy both solo and team-based experiences, with a shared Hideout serving as their base of operations and storage for weapons, gear, gadgets, and more. The gameplay revolves around an extraction-based shooter concept, emphasizing the collection of gear, leveling up, and acquiring perks. While the exact details of the perks remain undisclosed, they are intricately linked to the leveling system. Players will need to complete in-game contracts or challenges to level up and earn currency for purchasing perks.

The multiplayer game is allegedly slated for release before Far Cry 7. The current target is April 2025, with plans for the game to enter the Alpha phase in the first half of 2024. Hopefully, Ubisoft will reveal more information in the coming months.

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