Foundry Reveals Upcoming Mari 7.0

Mari 7.0 will feature new baking tools, texturing nodes, an additional 60 Grunge Maps, and an automated backup system.

Image credit: Foundry

Foundry, the leading developer of creative software for the media and entertainment industry, has unveiled the release of Mari 7.0, packed with a lot of new exciting features. The new version includes cutting-edge baking tools that eliminate the need for separate applications or plugins, allowing users to effortlessly create geometry-based maps, including curvatures and occlusions, with remarkable ease and speed.

In addition to that, texturing content has been enhanced with new Python Examples and an expanded collection of procedural nodes. Users will be able to access an additional 60 Grunge Maps to further improve their texturing workflow.

Image credit: Foundry/CG Channel

Mari 7.0 will also introduce Automatic Project Backups, offering regular auto-saving functionality. This will allow users to easily revert to any previously saved state, whether locally or across a network, providing peace of mind for data preservation.

To streamline workflows and reduce pipeline friction, Mari will feature upgraded USD workflows. The USD importer has been developed to be more artist-friendly, facilitating smoother integration into the production pipeline. Moreover, Mari will support USD 23.05, ensuring compatibility with the latest industry standards.

To ensure seamless integration with rendering engines, shader updates have been implemented. Mari's shaders for both ChaosGroup's V-Ray 6 and Autodesk's Arnold Standard Surface have been upgraded, ensuring that what will be seen in Mari is faithfully reflected in the final rendered output.

Overall, Mari 7.0 offers a comprehensive range of updates and features designed to enhance the user experience, improve productivity, and provide artists with powerful tools for their texturing and shading workflows.

While an exact release date has not been announced by Foundry, Mari 7.0 is scheduled to be launched later this year. In September 2023, Foundry released Mari 6.0 in alpha, the new version of the 3D texture painting software that extends the USD export workflows, so you can export a full USD Look file that contains both a USD Preview Surface shader and your chosen vendor shader.

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