Fred Durst Mod for Fallout New Vegas Has Been Restored After 7 Years

Limp Bizkit's frontman approves.

Back in 2015, creator Lb8068 likely didn't have enough Limp Bizkit in their blood, so they made a mod for Fallout: New Vegas adding the band's frontman Fred Durst as a companion to the game. He would speak in lyrics from Limp Bizkit's songs and suggest you "keep rollin’, rollin’, rollin’, rollin’."

Unfortunately, the mod was removed from NexusMods, and its maker lost the files after reformatting their computer about 7 years ago, so this gem disappeared for a long time. However, recently, YouTuber Micky D announced the return of the legend: thanks to X/Twitter user UsagiCola, who has archived the files, the mod is now available once again.

Moreover, Fred Durst himself approved of the news with a short "nice." 

Micky D's post has been seen 2.5 million times now, and fans have been elated to finally get their hands on Durst. If you'd like to join the celebration, download the mod here.

Fallout keeps living thanks to its fans and their creations. You can customize your experience with mods like Fallout 4 New Vegas, the horror atmosphere overhaul Pilgrim, or the one voicing over 100 characters in Fallout 2.

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