Free 3D Model of Sonetto from Reverse 1999 for Blender & MikuMikuDance

WTHN_Ross's Sonetto can be customized if you wish.

Artist WTHN_Ross has shared a nice 3D model of Sonetto from Reverse: 1999, which you can use in Blender and the MikuMikuDance animation software.

The character can be customized: you can adjust her outfit, eyes, hair, and whatever else you need.

In case you see Sonetto for the first time, here is some information you might want to know. Reverse: 1999 is a turn-based tactical RPG released last year. 

The story takes place in a world where humans and magic users live together when the Storm comes and "erases" everything it touches. So you're stuck in 1999 and have to travel through different eras and fight Arcanists who want to rewrite history.

Sonetto is one of the characters in the game who helps the protagonist. Download her 3D model for Blender and MMD and join our 80 Level Talent platform and our Telegram channel, follow us on InstagramTwitter, and LinkedIn, where we share breakdowns, the latest news, awesome artworks, and more.

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