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Game Developers Are Angry with Take-Two's Closure of Roll7 & Intercept Games

"So much greed, it’s never enough."  

Image credit: Roll7, Rollerdrome

After the recent news regarding the closure of Take-Two's two acclaimed studios, Roll7 and Intercept Games, more and more game developers started feeling extremely angry with the GTA series publisher's actions.

Take-Two, which previously announced its restructuring program, is now taking action in order to boost its business, by eliminating at least 5% of its employees, and making more money (it looks like it's never enough for such giants), despite the fact that the company's market capitalization exceeds $24 billion.

"The large corporate cycle is just gushing about people, culture, the human element, teamwork & pride. And then when operational failures lead the mass layoffs, the human element is so deliberately thrown away. The mask peeled off. Corporations do not care about you," wrote one Twitter user.

Some users are especially bitter since Roll7, the studio Take-Two is shutting down, has a pretty impressive track record, showcasing the successful release of two highly praised games, Rollerdrome and OlliOlli World, within a span of less than two years in 2022.

Despite both titles garnering critical acclaim and commercial success, the unfortunate reality emerges that even such accolades and profitability in the gaming realm did not shield Roll7 from the unexpected job cuts orchestrated by Take-Two.

It's sad to see how people are getting laid off and studious are being shut down because of some greedy corporations wanting to make more and more money.

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