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Gameplay Footage of Zombie Survival Game from Dave the Diver Developer

Nakwon: Last Paradise promises a new take on zombie apocalypse life.

Dave the Diver is a cute game from Mintrocket. But I guess its colorfulness got too much for the developer because its next title is nothing alike. 

Nakwon: Last Paradise is a zombie apocalypse stealth survival game, which should show you a different experience in this popular setting.

"Experience a new form of 'post-apocalypse life' that you've never seen before. Explore extraction survival and gather resources from the PvPvE city, where zombies and survivors coexist to survive in this new societal structure."

The team released a 22-minute gameplay video showing off some of its mechanics, although Nakwon is still in pre-alpha.

The game demonstrates Seoul in an unusual light. You are an ordinary human who has to hide and survive with the scarce weapons you can find. AI-powered zombies are not the only ones you have to deal with. As the "PvPvE" part suggests, there are also other players who want what you have.

"Your Citizen Grade determines privileges and access levels. You need to make money for rent and better equipment. Ownership of higher Citizen Grades will grant you access to more and more."

Higher grades unlock different shops and events as well as let you craft more advanced makeshift armor, according to the Q&A you should check out if you're interested in the game.

You can help Mintrocket during the pre-alpha testing from November 29 to December 3. You just need to request access at that time and the world of hungry zombies is open for you.

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