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Generating a Voxelization Effect in Unreal Engine 5

C. Michael Neely shared a series of experiments showing how to create Niagara-based voxelization effects in UE5.

Over the past few days, Technical Account Manager for M&E at Epic Games C. Michael Neely presented a series of experiments showing how Unreal Engine 5 can be used by developers and digital artists to set up impressive voxelization effects.

In the first experiment, Michael demonstrated how to achieve stunning voxel VFX using UE5's Niagara, the engine's built-in visual effects system for creating real-time particle effects, with just "a little tweaking of the Scratch Module". Subsequently, he showcased how the engine can be employed to generate voxel styling on both Static and Skeletal Meshes. In the third iteration, Michael managed to fine-tune the setup so that it could emit the voxel grid from a skeletal mesh with accurate color representation.

Moreover, the developer plans to share a comprehensive tutorial on how the effect was set up following Unreal Fest 2023, an upcoming event dedicated to all things Unreal Engine, set to take place on October 3-5. We highly encourage you to visit Michael's LinkedIn page so as not to miss any future updates.

If you would like to learn more about working with voxels in UE5, we also recommend checking out this great tutorial on the topic, shared by Gorka Games:

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