George R. R. Martin's Game of Thrones Book Series Finished With ChatGPT

The problem is that the AI doesn't want to kill characters at weddings. 

Programmer Liam Swayne shared the results of an unusual – he finished George Martin's famous book series "A Song of Ice and Fire" using ChatGPT. Then, the author shared his findings and discussed whether neural networks could replace real writers in the near future.

The programmer started by asking ChatGPT to prepare outlines for 45 chapters of "Winds of Winter" and expand on those outlines in more detail.

The resulting expanded outlines were used by the AI to write complete chapters. Using this approach, the developer "wrote" the final book of the saga, "Dreams of Spring". The results were published online.

The enthusiast says the AI is doing a great job when it comes to keeping track of characters' actions, even if they appear only a couple of times. The AI can justify the character's return and provide the necessary context.

ChatGPT even came up with several plot twists. For example, the famous Wall was not just a physical structure but a magical shield that held back the Night King.

There's one thing the AI couldn't do though – ChatGPT couldn't kill off characters as unexpectedly and interestingly as George Martin does.

"This project has given me confidence that AI won't be replacing unique literary works any time soon. I believe the AI had trouble writing character deaths specifically because most writers (and consequently, most of the training data) are hesitant to kill off major characters," the programmer told IGN. "This is part of what separates George R. R. Martin from other writers: his stories make unconventional, surprising decisions. At this point, AI can only do what is most commonly done, which means it struggles to create stories that aren't by the books. To my surprise, I'm more confident than before starting this project that writers making creative and unexpected decisions are not replaceable."

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