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Get This Free Detailed Sc-Fi Themed Workshop UE5 Interior Environment

The industry professionals from game outsourcing studio Sentient Art have introduced their new project, an immersive detailed interior of a post-apocalyptic sci-fi workshop featuring a variety of assets available for commercial use: 3D models, materials, and Blueprints.

Barney's Basement is a project by industry professionals from the game outsourcing studio Sentient Art, consisting of a free detailed interior of an inventor's workshop with a retro sci-fi style, featuring a variety of assets: 3D models, materials, and Blueprints.

This project is a full VR demo created in Unreal Engine 5. It makes use of Unreal Engine 5 features like Lumen for lighting and Nanite for geometry streaming and contains more than 263 assets, over 150 props, 15 materials, and the Blueprints used for gameplay, including a full grab system for VR.

Image Credits: Sentient Art, Barney's Basement

Image Credits: Sentient Art, Barney's Basement

Image Credits: Sentient Art, Barney's Basement

Image Credits: Sentient Art, Barney's Basement

"Government warnings echo, lights flicker, and an impending revelation looms. Buckle up for an immersive experience."

The developers note that the content is still under development. Barney's Basement is compatible with Unreal Engine 5.3 and can be used in commercial projects.

You can download assets individually from GitHub, or download the entire demo.

Don't forget to check out other free March's Unreal Engine content while it's still here. It includes various asset packs, character models, and a plug-in to enable downloadable content in your game:

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