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Get This Handy Blender Add-on For Mixing Materials

All kinds of materials are compatible with Ghost Matter.

With a dedicated editor, Ghost Matter streamlines the process of mixing materials with nodes, keeping your workflow and architecture simple and tidy. The materials to mix don't need any specific configurations, all kinds of materials are compatible with this add-on.

In Ghost Matter, you'll find all the Blender standard material nodes, material mix nodes, and node tools. Additionally, it offers decal projection and texture baking to image or vertex colors.

Ghost Matter

Ghost Matter

The add-on includes a quick start guide and video tutorials on some functions available on the product's page:

In the future, developer Picto Filmo plans to add new procedural smart masks, procedural materials nodes, texture-based material nodes, and texture-based smart masks. Mid-term and long-term plans include motion design nodes, stencil paint tool, dynamic masks, animated masks, and all smart masks to image texture tool.

Ghost Matter is compatible with Blender 4.1 and is available under several licensing options.

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