Godot 4.1 Has Been Released

The release improves upon the recently launched Godot 4.0 and focuses on stability and performance updates.

The Godot team has released Godot 4.1, a new and improved version of their open-source game engine. The incremental release improves upon the recently launched Godot 4.0 and focuses primarily on stability and performance updates. Furthermore, the update also brings a slew of new features and bug fixes, improving AI navigation avoidance, adding the ability to detach code editors and put them on other displays, fixing over 900 issues found in 4.0 and pre-release builds of 4.1, and more.

Here are some of the improvements Godot 4.1 brings:

  • The engine's algorithm has been changed to use a fast hashmap to make adding and removing child nodes several times faster, slowing down uncommon node operations.
  • Experimental multithreading has been added.
  • The Vulkan renderer got a pipeline cache.
  • You can now create and use static variables in GDScript, removing the need to use a resource or an autoload to share data between multiple instances of the same script.
  • When using GDScript, you can define a new node type to use in the editor by adding a global class name to your script. Starting from Godot 4.1, this is also possible in C# by adding the [GlobalClass] attribute to your file.
  • You can now detach docs into floating windows and detach script editors, including the shader editor, and place them on a separate monitor.
  • The editor will now keep track of your window layout so that when you close and reopen the editor, you should often find yourself exactly where you left off.
  • You can now export arrays of nodes to the inspector.
  • Rendering enhancements.
  • Completely rewritten AI avoidance algorithms to give you much better behaviors and greater control. Avoidance can now happen in 2D or 3D, allowing flying agents to move over those walking on the ground.
  • And more!

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