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Hellblade Developer's Next Game Has Reportedly Been Greenlit

We might also hear more about Project Mara soon.

Image credit: Ninja Theory

May 21 is the day Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 comes out, and while fans are eager to get their hands on it, its developer Ninja Theory is grateful for the support. Before the launch, the studio shared a message on X/Twitter thanking players.  

"Making video games is difficult. Much like Senua, we as a team have been guided by a conviction to achieve our quest: To make a game that sinks you deep into Senua's world and to take you on a journey that leaves you thinking and feeling.

"I believe we have achieved our quest and I hope you'll agree. I'm very proud of the game, very proud of our team, and very proud of you, our fans, who have supported us on this magical journey," said the studio head Dom Matthews.

The Hellblade 2 release is great news, but Ninja Theory is not planning to stop here. According to Windows Central, the company's next game has already been greenlit along with Project Mara, its experimental horror title focused on mental health issues, announced in 2020.

So it seems like Ninja Theory won't repeat the sad fate of Arkane Austin (Redfall) and Tango Gameworks (Hi-Fi Rush), at least for now. If you missed the drama, Microsoft, the parent company of these two studios as well as Ninja Theory, has closed Arkane and Tango Gameworks for "reprioritization of titles and resources."

It's unclear when we'll hear about Ninja Theory's new project, but I doubt it will be soon: Hellblade 2 needs its spotlight after all.

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