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Helldivers 2 Developers Received Thermos from Alan Wake Creators

A crossover ahead?

Image credit: Arrowhead

My favorite thing to see in the morning is some wholesome content from popular game developers, and I was not disappointed when I saw the creators of Helldivers 2 and Alan Wake exchanging sweet messages.

Arrowhead shared a photo of the Oh Deer Diner thermos sent to them by Remedy together with what looks like a manuscript page from Alan Wake himself.

"I had heard of them before. Helldivers.

Defenders of freedom across the galaxy. Harbingers of divine justice, like a blade of pure light shining bright in a
world of darkness.

Or so they told themselves.

Their righteous crusade had spread like wildfire, gained thousands, millions of followers. But to the followers it was more simple than that. Players in a game, looking to have fun.

It was awe inspiring, impressive, what the Helldivers had achieved. Even in the Dark Place, such a feat would require a paralyzing amount of planning and masterful skill.

Congratulations were in order.

May Managed Democracy spread across the galaxy."

The thermos is a collectible in Alan Wake. Now the question is, can we expect a collaboration in the future? Maybe some easter egg thermoses lying around the Helldivers universe? Or a mode where you need to find as many notes as you can? Perhaps we'll see this crossover together with a Starship Troopers one if the stars turn right.

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