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Here's a New Game Concept for Mixed Reality You'd Like to Try

Take your favorite car, scan it, and unleash the limitless potential of blending virtual objects with the real world.

Sergei Galkin, a talented AR Experience Creator and 3D Graphics Specialist with a profound passion for leveraging technology to enhance user experiences, has shared a captivating concept for mixed-reality gaming: take your favorite car, scan it using advanced technology such as LiDAR, and unlock the boundless possibilities of integrating virtual objects into the real world.

To make this concept a reality, you need to go beyond detecting just horizontal objects. It's important to also detect vertical objects and ideally create a comprehensive world mesh. Currently, the most reliable method involves utilizing LiDAR technology.

In a recent demonstration, Sergei scanned a model using Polycam, and that was a good idea since he received better results compared to the previous try, as he said. Sergei also added that in the final product, he plans to incorporate LiDAR scanning capabilities using AVP technology and explore the potential of leveraging the 3D sensors available in the Meta Quest 3 headset.

This innovative game concept offers an immersive experience where real-world objects seamlessly blend with virtual elements, creating a truly limitless and captivating mixed-reality gaming environment.

Here are some other interesting posts that Sergei shared on Twitter.

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Preview image by Sergei Galkin

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