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Here's What You Shouldn't Expect from Upcoming Manor Lords

The game is coming this month. 

Image credit: Slavic Magic, Manor Lords

In a recent update on Steam, Slavic Magic, the developer behind Manor Lords, the highly anticipated game slated for release in April, spoke up about what players shouldn't expect from the city-builder's early access launch.

  • Manor Lords is a city-building simulator with combat elements, "not a Total War competitor";
  • The game focuses on city building and management, with battles being a part of the experience but not as frequent or massive;
  • It is not a grand strategy game like Empire Management, operating on a smaller scale;
  • Manor Lords does not feature RPG elements and offers a strategic, top-down gameplay perspective. "The game is really meant to be played from the "bird's eye" perspective, like a strategy game (almost always) should. There won't be any first-person gameplay."
  • The gameplay is focused on providing a relaxed experience with intermittent moments of intensity, highlighting city aesthetics and resource management.

Image credit: Slavic Magic, Manor Lords

Image credit: Slavic Magic, Manor Lords

"Yes, it must be disappointing, but I think it's the right choice. It's my first serious game and not only some stuff is still unfinished, but I bet you guys will ask me to change some things you don't necessarily like. But I want to pursue an open development strategy of a back and forth between me and you, I think it worked great for the game so far (I'm comparing to times where there wasn't even a testing group and I was developing in a bubble)," shared the developer.

The game is slated for release into early access on April 26, 2024.

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