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Impressive Dispersion & Caustics FX Set Up in KeyShot

Learn how this amazing 3D animation was made by Will Gibbons in collaboration with a real-life glass blower.

Will Gibbons, a renowned Content Creator, Tutorial-maker, and 3D Artist who specializes primarily in product visualization, has recently revisited the incredible Whiskey Glass Animation, made in collaboration with a real-life glass blower, Jerry Lin-Hsien Kung, and unveiled a little over a year ago.

For those unaware, the animation was first unveiled back in September 2022. It was set up by combining a 3D CAD model of a real whiskey glass made by Jerry and KeyShot, a renowned 3D rendering software developed by Luxion that Will is an undeniable master of.

Leveraging the software, the artist set up a dispersive glass material for the model, placed light and lighting environment to illuminate the glass, and used a specially designed floor material, achieving some incredible dispersion and caustics FX as a result. Besides KeyShot, the creator also utilized DaVinci Resolve for post-processing and final rendering.

"As a rendering specialist, I love working with light and transparent materials," commented the author in a recent LinkedIn post. "The collaboration between art and science reveals new visual experiences. A friend of mine makes beautiful glass whisky sippers. He sent me one and I used the light on my iPhone to examine it. The caustics were really eye-catching. So, I had an idea. I asked Jerry to send me the CAD model for the glass. I animated it in KeyShot in a way that would be nearly impossible to do in real-life."

You can learn more about the animation by clicking this link. We also highly encourage you to visit Will's official website if you want to learn more about rendering and lighting in KeyShot.

And if you prefer videos to written breakdowns, we recommend visiting the artist's YouTube channel, filled to the brim with educational guides on all things KeyShot. Attached below are some of the tutorials published by Will:

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