Graphite from World of Tanks Breakdown

Alex Buryak did a breakdown of the Graphite tank from World of Tanks, discussed the hard-surface modeling workflow in Maya, showed his approach to cloth simulation and texturing and talked about working on the lighting in Marmoset.


Alex Buryak

Published on

May 19, 2020

3D Environment Breakdown: The Croft Antiques Shop

Balazs Domjan shared an extensive breakdown of his rich environment The Croft Antiques Shop covering various topics including work with references, modeling and UVs in Maya, approaches to texturing, composition, and lighting.


Balazs Domjan

Published on

May 15, 2020

The Shape of Water: Lighting in Toolbag and Texturing Workflow

Jeff Martin did a detailed breakdown of his environment The Shape of Water focusing on key elements such as lighting, glass materials, and overall texturing.


Jeff Martin

Published on

Apr 30, 2020

Dance Hall: Master Material and Raytrace in UE4

Mike Gomez did a breakdown of his realistic UE4 Dance Hall scene, discussed his workflow in Master Material and lighting approach and shared useful advice for other artists. 


Mike Gomez

Published on

Apr 27, 2020

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