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Improve Your Design Skills with these 5 Courses

In today's digest, we have gathered 5 useful courses for beginning and advanced Designers.

1. Motion Graphics 

New 12-week Full-time Motion Graphics short course starts in September. This in-depth course is designed to teach students what need to know to begin the journey in the motion design industry. Experts will show the colourful history of motion graphics from experimental animation through to moving design communication, with plenty of beautiful, inspiring examples from around the world and several industries. Students will learn how to design and animate characters using the DUIK plugin in After Effects, and receive experience working with different techniques most mographers will be required to be familiar with.

2. Game Design

This course focuses on the fundamental ideas and techniques that define compelling game design. Exercises, lectures, and demonstrations will instruct students in how to build the foundations of a vertical slice game project, including a treatment of mechanics, gameplay, and storytelling. Students will explore the creation of a game design document, playtest a paper prototype of their creation, and conceptualize controls for their game idea. Weekly assignments that tie into corresponding lectures will instruct students in how to create a final project.

3. Game Design Diploma

Using the concepts, processes and theories students will learn how to validate and express  ideas then apply new skills and knowledge of level and game systems design to tackle more complex level design problems and areas by creating their own playable game prototype in Unreal. Students will learn how to apply the theory and basic understanding of the Unreal engine to make an incredible game that can be included in portfolio.

4. Environment Concept Design in Blender 2.91 and Photoshop

This course is about creating enviroment concept design from start to finish. Students will work in Blender and Photoshop. Mentors will show how to work with lighting and composition to convey idea and atmosphere in the best way, how to do post-processing and color corrections to improve the general feel and atmosphere as well as unify and blend in all adjustments and separate details together to get the final piece. 

5. Jewelry Design In ZBrush

In this course, students will create jewelry from scratch using ZBrush. The course will cover symmetry and textures, hinges and clasps, stone settings and iterations, 3D printing techniques and the business of jewelry. The course will teach students the complete production workflow used by Tomas Wittelsbach to create reproducible, high-end jewelry.

By the end of the course, students will learn how to properly develop real world techniques. Students will also understand how to balance design and practicality. They should also have gained knowledge on how to troubleshoot new problems or tasks.

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