Inspiration is Just a Rotation Away With the SpaceMouse

If you're a 3D designer, this innovative product may be for you.

The SpaceMouse allows you to seamlessly navigate within your 3D model. By using a two-handed workflow in conjunction with the SpaceMouse, users have been shown to be 28% more productive.

"We know that 3D artists have to spend countless hours crafting stunning environments, characters, scenes, special effects, often having to sacrifice creativity against the pressure to deliver," said Antonio Pascucci, Chief Executive Officer at 3Dconnexion. "This is where our tools change the game, enabling creators to fully shift their focus back to the creative part of their work."

The SpaceMouse functions within a wide range of applications. 3Dconnexion has recently expanded its portfolio to include applications such as Unreal Engine, ZBrush, Maya, Cinema 4D, and Blender. One of the main benefits of the SpaceMouse is that your navigation workflow is now universal across all your applications. This allows you to seamlessly switch from one application to another without having to worry about changing your workflow or reprogramming shortcuts. Depending on which SpaceMouse model you choose, you can have up to 12 shortcut keys readily available.

The SpaceMouse, as well as 3Dconnexions other product lines, were designed to increase productivity and efficiency. This has been true across a wide range of industries. 3Dconnexion devices can be found at the workstations of designers at companies such as Netflix, Apple, and General Motors. 

"Artists who use our SpaceMouse will navigate more naturally and continuously. Because it is used in their non-dominant hand, it does not interrupt the design process," said Pascucci. "This continuous mode of navigation becomes second nature and helps them review their designs constantly, enhancing their creative inspiration."

"One of the major challenges for professionals in digital content creation is the need to use multiple specialist applications," said Stadie. "We hope that the SpaceMouse can be a transformative tool to unify their navigation experience across these applications and take their design work to the next level."

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