Intel Is Working on Real-Time Neural Rendering

New neural level of detail representation achieves 70%-95% compression compared to "vanilla" path tracing. 

Forest render with 1 trillion triangles

Companies are working hard to make sure photorealistic rendering is something anyone can do without using a high-end computer. And Intel is one of them, researching the issue and coming up with its own solutions. 

The company has published several papers demonstrating improvements in efficiency in ray tracing, shading, and sampling. 

"These are important components to make photorealistic rendering with path tracing available on more affordable GPUs, such as Intel Arc GPUs, and a step toward real-time performance on integrated GPUs."

One of the most fascinating subjects is its neural tools for real-time path tracing. Intel promises that the "new neural level of detail representation achieves 70%-95% compression compared to "vanilla" path tracing, while also delivering interactive to real-time performance." 

You can learn more about it in Intel's Path Tracing a Trillion Triangles talk, where it demonstrates that "with efficient algorithms, real-time path tracing requires a much less powerful GPU, and can be practical even on mid-range and integrated GPUs in the future."

The company will make its cross-vendor framework open source as a sample and a test bed for developers and practitioners in the future. 

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