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Intro to Real-Time Fluid Simulation With Compute Shaders in Unity

Learn how liquids work with this breakdown by Shahriar Shahrabi.

Iranian Game programmer and technical artist Shahriar Shahrabi shared a great writeup on fluid simulation for programmers and technical artists that doesn't go too deep into complicated mathematical expressions but rather offers an easy geometrical explanation of fluid simulation. The case was described with Compute shaders in Unity 3D but the same methodology can be applied outside the engine. 

To begin, Shahbari decided to ignore the existing Stoke Navier equation and come up with our own implementation of fluid simulation. "This first implementation will be a naïve implementation that is flawed. We will do it anyway so that once we add complexity to our implementation to counter these flaws, you will understand why they are there and can peek through the complexity and see the core implementation," noted the developer. 

The developer described what you need, how fluids work, and how you can use simple equations to make it work. Find the full breakdown here and get the code for the project from the developer's Github.

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