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JangaFX's Jason Key Offers a "Wet" Take on the Three-Body Problem

No, not the TV show.

Jason Key, a Principal VFX Artist and JangaFX Evangelist renowned for his mesmerizing real-time visual effects, continues to explore new frontiers with JangaFX's software, with his latest experiment offering a "wet" take on the three-body problem, a classical problem in physics, astronomy, and classical mechanics that describes the motion of three point masses under their mutual gravitational influences.

Bearing little relation to the 'classic' three-body problem, the simulation depicts three spheres rotating randomly without influencing each other but exerting an equally attractive force on the simulated liquid. "The inclusion of collisions between the spheres and liquid, along with asymmetric initial conditions and sphere rotations, quickly produce some chaotic behavior," commented Jason. The effect was set up using LiquiGen, JangaFX's node-based real-time fluid simulation software.

Earlier, Jason showcased LiquiGen's ability to simulate caustics VFX in real-time:

And prior to that, Jason utilized LiquiGen in combination with Unreal Engine 5 to set up a marvelous molten metal simulation, leveraging UE5's Lumen to handle real-time lighting and reflections:

At the moment, LiquiGen is available in closed alpha to JangaFX Suite subscribers. If you'd like to try it out yourself, you need to purchase the JangaFX Suite, join JangaFX's Discord, and connect your JangaFX account to gain access. The company aims to gather initial feedback and collaborate with the community to refine LiquiGen into "one of the world's best liquid simulation tools" going forward.

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