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Jason Schreier Blasts Rumors about Sucker Punch's Next Game Announcement

Bloomberg's reporter says some of Silknigth's information is false.

Image credit: Sucker Punch Productions | Ghost of Tsushima

A battle of insiders is always interesting to watch, and sometimes, it's one word against the other, but most of the time, people trust the person with more credibility. At the beginning of the year, X/Twitter welcomed a new user called Silknigth, who often posts allegedly insider information.

One of the latest "leaks" from them was PlayStation making game announcements "up to a maximum of two years before their release, depending on their importance" and Sucker Punch (Ghost of Tsushima, Infamous) planning to announce its new game last year but then moving it to "the coming months."

Jason Schreier, Bloomberg's reporter with a much better reputation, has disputed the two claims, saying these rumors are false. His sources said Sucker Punch's announcement was never planned for last year, "and the first tweet is also nonsense."

X/Twitter users are divided. While Silknigth did "predict" the announcement of Ghost of Tsushima coming to PC, many people argue that their information is just based on earlier rumors, and getting one thing right doesn't mean they're a credible insider.

Silknigth has also said that Sony's upcoming PC game is The Last Of Us Part 2 Remastered and the company has had plans to acquire Arrowhead, Helldivers 2's developer, for a while. Also, Horizon 3 "will take a bit longer to be revealed," and The Last of Us Part 3 is "not in full production."

As for Schreier's comment, Silknigth challenged the reporter in a tweet: "Many nowadays lie, but you try to expose those who are starting to become relevant."

I think we should treat rumors as they are – just rumors. Until the truth comes out, there's no way to be sure, so get all the information you can but don't expect it to become reality.

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