Introducing 80 Level Cloud Experiences

It's been an amazing 8 years since we launched 80 Level, and we're grateful for all the incredible artists we've met along the way. Here are 28 new visions of the future of the web.

Image credit: Denis Rutkovsky (Art Core)

This year, we're excited to give something back to our community and present you with an opportunity to publish your mind-blowing 3D experiences in the cloud and share them with the world.

We would like to introduce you to our newest project called 80 Level: Cloud Experiences developed in collaboration with Xsolla Cloud Gaming. Currently there are 28 experiences here!

Cloud Experiences makes cloud streaming technology accessible to indie 3d artists and developers. We are offering you to host your Unreal Engine 3D scenes on the 80 Level cloud for free. Your 3D scenes would be accessible to nearly everyone through just a web browser. It's like cloud gaming, but instead of games - 3D scenes and experiences of all kinds.

This is a huge opportunity for artists and developers to reimagine what is possible now with a global distribution channel for playable experiences.

Unlike screenshots and demo videos, Cloud Experiences allow you to explore every detail an artist has spent time crafting.

Image credit: Denis Rutkovsky (Art Core)

Denis Rutkovsky, Art Director & Co-Founder | ARTcore

80 Level Cloud Experiences is a great opportunity to showcase your artwork exactly as it was designed. What I like the most is that it keeps all the settings and visual features you've put into the experience, without any compromises.

80 Level covers the cost of hosting your experience and even shares the revenue generated by users with you in a super generous 80/20 split. Our aim is to help artists like you reach a global audience, monetize your work, and build a vibrant community.

Image credit: Scans Factory

Image credit: Leartes Studios

Image credit: Ostap Gordon

We invite you to explore 28 of the latest works from artists who have already joined Cloud Experiences and the exciting vision of the Metaverse. And if you're ready to take your 3D projects to the next level, 80 Level invites you to share some of your exceptional experiences with the world.

Check out some of the prototypes of the Xsolla Metasites projects:

Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark
Deep Sky Derelicts
Forgive Me Father
Xsolla Metasites Demo


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