Kenshi 2 Will Be Powered by Unreal Engine 5

The sequel to the infinitely bizarre game will bring better lighting and reflections.

Kenshi is one of those games that you want to play after reading others' crazy stories about it on Steam. I don't know how many adventures of a torso I've seen on YouTube, and if you don't know what I'm talking about, go experience it yourself.

Kenshi was in development for about 12 years and while incredibly fun, it still lacks some features, which will hopefully be released in the sequel. Lo-Fi Games has finally shared some more details after a long silence, and fans will be happy to learn that Kenshi 2 is being developed on Unreal Engine 5.

The team switched to UE5 over a year ago for "future-proofing; we didn’t want to be building Kenshi 2 in an engine that might see less support in the future." Of course, they also took advantage of the engine's highly praised features, including the World Partition system, Nanite, Lumen, Machine Learning Cloth Simulation, and GPU Lightmass Global Illumination. All of this should ain't the game with new, better lighting, shadows, and reflections and, perhaps most importantly for such an ambitious project, it will optimize performance so your PC won't explode trying to process everything Kenshi does.

The studio is also using Epic Games' Chaos physics engine, so you can chop off limbs to give them to your dog to play with more realistically I assume.

This switch was a difficult one, but the team managed. Speaking of, the studio, which started with only one person, grew to 4 and now 33 developers. Hopefully, it won't take them another 12 years to finish the sequel.

Now, they are working on assets and tools to help the localization team "manage commonly used terminology" as well as testing a new narrative system.

As for the original Kenshi, Lo-Fi Games added a free camera mode so you can take the most hilarious screenshots while a group of robots wearing human skin welcomes you to their humble settlement.

Unfortunately, there is still no release date for Kenshi 2, but here is a screenshot from the new game. It looks like the same old Kenshi but better.

Image credit: Lo-Fi Games

You can share your masterpieces in a screenshot competition and win one of the Beak Thing Hoodies.

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  • Anonymous user

    Any chance for controller support? Kenshi is the only game that I will play with KB&M, but I'd play a lot more if I could permanently fix my hands to a controller instead.


    Anonymous user

    ·13 days ago·

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