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Kill Predators & Enjoy Realistic Cooking in This Winter Survival Game

"Every step in the snow, every rustle in the trees, brings you closer to mastering the unforgiving environment."

An indie game developer, Reddit user named devgirlsolo, has shared footage from their work-in-progress game, titled Short Snow. The footage showcases a vast, harsh winter forest from a first-person perspective, where you can explore, build a fire for warmth, cook food for survival, and fend off wolves that see you as their next meal.

Short Snow

"In Short Snow, a realistic open-world survival experience, you find yourself lost in a vast, snow-covered forest following a harrowing plane crash. With plummeting temperatures and hunger setting in, survival hinges on your crafting abilities."

Short Snow

The game offers two modes: story mode and endless mode. In story mode, you'll uncover your identity and learn about your past as you struggle to survive. Your mission is to find your friends and make your way back home, overcoming various challenges along the way. Endless mode, as the name suggests, places you in a sandbox environment abundant with resources and crafting options. Here, you can build, explore, and fight off dangerous predators like wolves and bears. Your task is to establish a settlement, ensuring your safety and cook so you won't starve to death.

Key features:

  • Authentic Winter Survival: Manage hunger, thirst, and hypothermia as you navigate the unforgiving wilderness.
  • Craft Your Escape: Gather resources, build shelters, and craft tools to fight for survival.
  • Face the Wild: Encounter dangerous predators and learn to outsmart or outfight them.
  • Unravel the Mystery: Explore the wreckage and uncover the secrets behind the crash.
  • Will you succumb to the elements, or will you conquer the frozen wilderness? The choice is yours.

Short Snow

Short Snow

Short Snow

The developer has been working on the game for two years and plans to launch it later this year. If this game piques your interest, feel free to add it to your wishlist on Steam and join the Discord discussions if you have any suggestions for the developer.

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