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KIRI Engine Introduces Real-Time Photogrammetry with iOS 17's Enhanced Object Capture API

Enjoy real-time photogrammetry locally.

The 3D scanner app KIRI Engine is expanding its toolset with new features in version 2.10. The software is now offering real-time photogrammetry locally, with LiDAR support on the iPhone and iPad Pro models that have the sensor.

What it means if you don't have to upload data to the cloud anymore, everything is right here, at your fingertips. To use the LiDAR option, you need to have an iPhone Pro 12, a 2020 iPad Pro, or their newer models.

Image credit: KIRI Innovations

3D scanning's evolution has seen various techniques, with traditional photogrammetry holding the fort for a considerable time. This method's ability to capture comprehensive photos of objects from multiple vantage points and deploy algorithms has always been instrumental in producing intricate 3D models, celebrating both detail and vibrant coloration. Yet, as with most technological feats, challenges persist. The essence of traditional photogrammetry lies in its intricate computational analysis. KIRI Innovations addresses this by utilizing a cloud-based generating system, ensuring all images undergo processing on dedicated servers, circumventing hardware constraints, and accomplishing the task remotely. 

Image credit: KIRI Innovations

The LiDAR support is supposed to speed up the capturing process and make your scans more accurate in different lighting conditions. KIRI Innovations promises the app takes several minutes to process such a scan.

The resulting object can be exported as a USDZ file at the moment, but more options are to come in the future.

Image credit: KIRI Innovations

Image credit: KIRI Innovations

Image credit: KIRI Innovations

With the introduction of KIRI Engine 2.10 alongside iOS 17, users with LiDAR-equipped iOS devices can utilize and select between traditional photogrammetry and the cutting-edge Object Capture ability.

This enhancement enables the direct and local generation of 3D models on their devices, bypassing the need for server uploads. Paired with the capabilities of LiDAR scanning, users now have a wider selection of methods tailored to their 3D scanning pursuits. Through the integration of the Object Capture API, KIRI Innovations provides this significant leap forward in user convenience and functionality at no additional cost.

Image credit: KIRI Innovations

KIRI Engine itself is available for Android 7 and iOS 14, but the LiDAR feature requires iOS 17. You can use it for free or get a Pro account for $14.99/month or $59.99/year to export as many scans as you want and enjoy other advanced features. You may learn more about the update by watching this video featuring KIRI Innovation’s Co-Founder and CEO, Jack.

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