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Larian's Boss Says He's "Finally Figured Out" the First Act of His Next Project

"Also – it's not what you think and this is not a teaser for an announcement."

Image credit: Larian, Baldur's Gate 3

Recently, Swen Vincke, the Head of Larian Studios, took to Twitter and shared an update on what he's been up to for the past four months. According to Vincke, he's finally "figured out" the first act of the next project, which is exciting news since he's been meticulously working on it, "rewriting and rewriting", for months.

"Been a great morning! After 4 months of rewriting and rewriting and abandoning ideas and then revisiting them, finally figured out what act 1 on this thing I've been working on needs to be. Quote me when it's revealed to see how much of today's draft survives. I suspect a lot," he wrote.

While Vincke is not going to delve into details, he's just happy about the work he's done and hopes that people will appreciate it as well. Speaking of which, Vincke asked us to note that his tweets are not a teaser for an announcement.

"Also – it's not what you think and this is not a teaser for an announcement. Just I am genuinely excited about where this is going and wanted to share some of my excitement. It'll be quite some time before we talk about this," Vincke shared.

Earlier, Vincke joined Variety's list of most influential figures in the entertainment industry, along with other prominent game industry figures. If you want to learn more, check out the article we wrote last month.

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