Learning a Quick Environment Creation in Unreal Engine 5

Learn how a professional environment artist works when creating large open-world environments using the latest released UE5 with the help of marketplace assets.

The course is mentored and prepared by Emiel Sleegers, a Senior Environment Artist and owner of FastTrack Tutorials. He’s worked on games like The Division 2 + DLC at Ubisoft, Forza Horizon 3 at Playground Games, and as a Freelancer on multiple projects as an Environment Artist and Material Artist. In this course, you will learn various techniques like creating custom landscapes, environment composition and storytelling, asset placement and polishing, lighting and post-effects, foliage painting, and more.

The core topics covered in this tutorial:

  • An overview of where to find assets and references
  • Creating a custom landscape using World Creator
  • Placing various large scall assets while keeping in mind storytelling and composition
  • Foliage setup and painting
  • Placing small assets to add to the micro storytelling and make the environment feel complete
  • Doing lighting and post effects for large-scale environments

This course contains more than 7 hours of content. You can follow along with every single step. This course has been done fully in real-time except for a few small time-lapses for very repetitive tasks. 

The tutor notes that this game art tutorial is perfect for students who have familiarity with Unreal Engine. If you have never worked in Unreal Engine, the FastTrack team recommends you watch an introduction lesson before starting this tutorial. 

Learn more about the course here. Make sure to join FastTrack's discord channel and stay tuned for more courses and the best art techniques. 

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