Let Me Solo Her Attempts to Beat the Version of Elden Ring Where Every Enemy Is Malenia

Apart from just beating the game, the player has set a few goals for the run – to refrain from leveling up the Vigor stat and obtain their iconic jar helmet.

Let Me Solo Her, an Elden Ring player who has already become a legend among the game's community, has set their sights even higher – now the streamer is attempting to beat the version of the game where every enemy is Malenia.

The streamer has gained fame for assisting fellow players in defeating Malenia Blade of Miquella, who's considered one of the game's toughest bosses. The player has killed the demigod numerous thousand times and even received a special gift from Bandai Namco for that.

And now, Let Me Solo Her has taken on their most difficult challenge so far – to play through the modded Elden Ring where every enemy is replaced with Malenia. The player's ultimate goal is, of course, to beat the game, although they have additionally laid out a series of objectives for the run including refraining from leveling up the Vigor stat and obtaining their iconic jar helmet.

Let Me Solo Her has revealed their intention to tackle Elden Ring using the "All enemy is Malenia" mod on Twitter on March 17 and has already managed to make headway in their gameplay, having advanced to the Royal Capital in Leyndell as shown in part 2 of the "All enemy is Malenia" stream.

The streamer's main strategy involves ignoring most Malenias scattered throughout the field and fighting only those who appear during boss fights, although even enemies whom they face in the open world have the increased aggro of Malenia which causes them to pursue the player relentlessly.

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