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Memsaver: Optimizer Addon for Blender Released

polygoniq has just revealed a new tool that's designed to help users save vRAM while working on larger scenes.

Polygoniq has recently announced the release of their latest tool, memsaver, which is specifically designed to save vRAM memory. The tool is incredibly easy to use and the developers guarantee high-quality results without compromising on the overall experience. With its ability to optimize textures and reduce vRAM consumption, memsaver is an invaluable tool for larger projects or if you're limited by your hardware.

"Working with high-resolution textures can consume a lot of VRAM, which is why memsaver smartly downsamples textures, thus reducing VRAM consumption. So, you won't have to compromise on render quality.", says the polygoniq team.


  • Adaptive Image Resize
Using this feature, you can easily select smaller image sizes for objects that are far away or relatively small in size, and larger image sizes for objects that are up close or larger in scale.
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  • Resize Images
The Resize Images operator is capable of scaling down images that are larger than the selected maximum size. This can be done in two ways - either by selecting the Distance From the Camera option or by choosing the Quick Resize option.
  • Estimate Memory Usage

To estimate the memory usage of data blocks, go through each block and determine how much memory is needed for rendering. Clicking "estimate memory" generates a report showing the memory usage estimation for each data block.

Back in April, the team has also announced the release of its much-awaited traffiq 1.7, we encourage you to take a look at it as well. 

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