Water Library Aquatiq: Working with Animation Sequences

The polygoniq team has announced a sale on the water, materials, vehicles, and vegetation libraries, that contain 2D and 3D assets. Let's have a look at their water library, aquatiq. 

Polygoniq is an international visualization team, creators of materialiq, material library, botaniq, tree library, traffiq, vehicle library, and aquatic, water library. The team shares that they work mainly in Blender, Adobe Photoshop, and Unreal Engine. Recently they announced the sale time for the libraries. Let's have a look at one of them. 

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The aquatiq library adds water effects to the scenes and eases the workflow by providing simple planes with animation sequences. The library contains 2D and 3D water assets that can be used as legos to build new effects and assets like fountains, birdbaths, and water materials. The team mentioned that the water shader that works perfectly with aquatic, waterial (you can get it separately) is also on sale.  


  • Spawn the assets either as a mesh or a linked instance to save memory 
  • All animation sequences loop every 30 frames.
  • Mask painting lets you quickly blend the effect into the surroundings.
  • Textures have seamless transitions, and most effects can be repeated infinitely.

Collection of ready-made water materials for Eevee and Cycles comes with aquatiq, originally from waterial addon.

aquatiq contains 17 fountain assets divided into sub-categories like big and small fountains, goblets and basins, birdbaths, and wall fountains. 

Also, the team shares some cool projects created with aquatiq, botaniq, and traffiq on their Twitter page. You may find out more projects here

You may get aquatiq here, and check out all the libraries right there. And, don't forget to join our Reddit page and our Telegram channel, and follow us on Instagram and Twitter, where we are sharing breakdowns, the latest news, awesome artworks, and more. 

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