Merging Movie Aesthetics & Real-Time Game Engines with Look Designer 2

Triple-A games harness the power of Look Designer 2.0 color technology to bring a true cinematic look and feel for engaging gameplay experiences.

Color Intelligence announced that the latest release of Look Designer 2.0 has been successfully deployed on triple-A games. Look Designer blends advanced digital Color Management with conventional analog film laboratory techniques, where the fusion brings the analog way of photochemical image processing to Film and TV productions. The software is consistently harnessed by teams to accelerate workflows and unleash creative freedom to deliver stunning film visuals that accurately emulate the art of cinematic aesthetics.

Now the technology has seen integration to development pipelines of iconic game publishers and studios. Importantly, studios are able to integrate the end result in real-time gameplay without a significant impact on game engine performance and in a non-destructive way.

We continuously see a cross-over between cinematic storytelling and interactive gameplay – game studios are increasingly adopting the cinematic look and feel to evoke richer emotional reactions by gamers. We are excited to provide game studios an advanced solution which accurately emulates classic film processes inside a real-time game environment," comments Dado Valentic, CEO of Color Intelligence. "We strive to bring the latest software improvements to Look Designer that are both time-efficient and creatively flexible which enables art directors and game creators to have intuitive, interactive workflows with full control of image processing to bring their ideas and visions to life.”

Look Designer 2.4 Highlights:

  • Ed Lachman Zones – inbuilt smart exposure settings 
  • Expanded Film Emulation library – quickly access and apply new film stock profiles
  • Supports iPhone capture formats – HD, 4K, HD (PAL), and 4K (PAL)
  • New cameras now support Z-Cam and Kinefinity
  • New 3DLUT testing feature – quickly test and evaluate color calibration values before application
  • Extended output and display formats – Netflix HDR, HDR10, Dolby Vision, Apple Pro Displays

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