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MetaHuman Animator Introduced

Check out this new feature allowing you to reproduce any facial performance as high-fidelity animation on MetahHuman characters.

During its keynote session at GDC 2023, Epic Games introduced MetaHuman Animator, a new feature set that lets you use an iPhone or stereo helmet-mounted camera to reproduce any facial performance as high-fidelity animation on MetahHuman characters.

The team hosted a live demo with the Hellblade main actress, Melina Juergens, showing that the new tool lets you create extremely realistic animations, based on video captured from simple devices. The captured footage is then converted into an animated sequence that can be used for games and films.

The tech was shown with a new look at the Ninja Theory game, a sequel to Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice that features top-notch facial animation. And now, thanks to the new tool and an iPhone, you will be able to set up your own realistic sequences with the Livelink face application on mobile devices.

"Offering a faster, simpler workflow that anyone can pick up and use—regardless of animation experience—MetaHuman Animator can produce the quality of facial animation required by AAA game developers and Hollywood filmmakers, while at the same time being accessible to indie studios and even hobbyists," wrote the team.

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    When could it possibly be released ?


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