Microsoft Is Reportedly Planning to Add ChatGPT Technology to Microsoft 365

The company's office software including Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook might soon get new AI features allowing better accuracy and productivity.

Microsoft is reportedly considering adding OpenAI's ChatGPT technology to Microsoft 365 as part of the company's effort to modernize its office software suite.

The news comes courtesy of The Information which, citing sources with knowledge of Microsoft's plans, claims that the company's office software including Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook may soon allow users to automatically generate text with natural language prompts.

For instance, in Microsoft Word, ChatGPT could suggest alternative words and phrases as the users type to help them write more accurately. In addition, it could summarize long documents highlighting key points, helping users to understand and analyze information easier.

In Outlook, OpenAI's technology could summarize email threads or suggest replies to emails as well as recommend document changes to improve Word users' writing.

The Information also reports that Microsoft has already started implementing OpenAI's artificial intelligence in its services including incorporating text-generating GPT into Word's autocomplete feature. It has also reportedly been using technology to improve Outlook search results helping users find what they are looking for "even if they don’t type the exact keywords that are in the relevant emails."

On its way to incorporating ChatGPT into its software, however, the company has to clear a number of hurdles including accuracy – the chatbot still has a tendency to present incorrect information as a true fact, for example, partly because it doesn't continuously scrape the Internet for news or updates.

Another challenge that Microsoft might face is privacy – the company will have to customize its AI models for individual clients without compromising their data. According to The Information, the tech giant has already started working on privacy-preserving methods using GPT-3 and GPT-4 and has reportedly already achieved some success in this field.

It is not clear when Microsoft plans to introduce the new features to the public. Earlier, it was also reported that the company is preparing to integrate artificial intelligence behind ChatGPT into its Bing search engine.

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