Microsoft Says Xbox "Lost the Console Wars"

The company claims Sony and Nintendo sell more devices. 

The first day of the hearing on the FTC's bid to block the merger between Microsoft and Activision is over, and some interesting information has been shared. Trying to defend its decision and appeal to the court, Xbox said it "has lost the console wars, and its rivals are positioned to continue to dominate" (via The Verge).

The company revealed that it had been behind its competitors Sony and Nintendo for years and had 16% of console sales in 2021 and 21% of revenues and share of consoles in use ("installed base"). 

The filing also says PlayStation's US gamer base is as large as Xbox's worldwide. All of this is meant to show that Microsoft buying Activision would not install a monopoly and threaten other companies. 

The statement was made before the beginning of the hearing, and the event itself since then unveiled that Sony’s PlayStation chief, Jim Ryan, knew the deal wasn't about Xbox exclusives.

"It is not an exclusivity play at all," he said. "They’re thinking bigger than that and they have the cash to make moves like this. I’ve spent a fair amount of time with [Phil] Spencer, Bobby [Kotick] and I’m pretty sure we will continue to see Call of Duty on PlayStation for years to come."

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