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Miguel Rodriguez's New Animation Perfectly Captures the Feeling of Isolation

Set up in Blender using a variety of different shaders and lights.

3D Artist and Multidisciplinary Designer Miguel Rodriguez, whom you might remember for his gorgeous retro-style animations with strong noir/neo-noir vibes, continues the series of moody and cinematic shorts with a new impressive animation. 

This time, the creator presented Isolated, an atmospheric cyberpunk-esque sequence that perfectly captures the feeling of loneliness and solitude with its NPR art style, rain and lightning VFX, and neon-like lighting. As stated by Miguel, the sequence was set up mainly in Blender using a variety of different shaders, lights, and render passes that are mixed in compositing, while DaVinci Resolve was used for color grading and final touches.

Recently, Miguel also presented Glitch Shader, a new procedural shader for Blender that allows you to deform and blend static textures or sequences, closely simulating the authentic glitches and defects of analog image devices. You can learn more and get the add-on via the creator's Gumroad page.

And here are some more of Miguel's most recent projects, you can check out more by clicking this link:

We also recommend checking out the artist's YouTube channel for more breakdowns and tutorials that shed some light on how Miguel approaches his works.

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