More Than 5 Thousand People Lost Their Job in Game Industry This Month

This number of job cuts alone represents 57% of the total layoffs recorded in 2023.

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As we previously reported, the new year has continued a wave of layoffs, impacting both small and large companies. These job cuts have resulted in hundreds and thousands of people being left without any job.

According to a recent report from VGC, January 2024 saw a big number of layoffs in the game industry. The number of job losses in the new year has exceeded more than half of the total layoffs experienced throughout the entirety of 2023.

At least 5,755 confirmed job cuts were recorded, based on data from Video Games Layoffs, a website that tracks industry layoffs. In 2023, the Video Games Layoffs website reported a total of 10,500 confirmed layoffs. This means that the number of layoffs in January 2024 alone already accounts for 57% of the previous year's total.

The largest layoffs during the month took place at Microsoft, with 1,900 developers affected, followed by Unity with 1,800, Riot with 530, Twitch with 500, and others. In total, 24 companies have been impacted by these job cuts.

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