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Morgan Presents New Electric Retro Three-Wheeler

XP-1 marks a fresh era for the company.

Morgan Motor Company, a British sports car maker, has presented XP-1, a new electric car that boasts a cool retro look and only three wheels.

The EV is based on Ford 1.5-liter, petrol-powered Super 3 and serves as a demonstration of the company's capabilities and intentions for now. It marks the start of a potentially new era for Morgan as such a vehicle is a novelty for the firm:

Image credit: Morgan Motor Company

"This is the first automotive pairing of this motor and inverter combination, it’s Morgan’s first in-house developed powertrain," explained Morgan’s Chief Technical Officer Matt Hole. "The software we have been using has allowed us to experiment without incurring massive developmental costs, as well as cherry pick the set-up that offers the best balance of performance and price."

Image credit: Morgan Motor Company

The XP-1 model has a 33kWh battery, a 100kW (134bhp) electric motor, and 300Nm of torque, as reported by TechRadar. Morgan placed the battery pack and the charging port in the front. It boasts a Combined Charging System (CCS) with fast charging and bi-directional charging capability so you can "power a kettle when you are on a road trip," according to Dan Poulter, Morgan’s Electrical Systems Engineer.

The car has a built-in telematics module, which is a first for Morgan. It could allow for over-the-air software updates for the vehicle. 

"There’s still work to do with the driving modes on offer," said Poulter. "So far, we have four different settings, represented on the digital display as chilli peppers – our graphics designer had a bit of fun with that."

The retro feeling is complete with the unique sounds the car makes:

"We stressed about the noise, but after a while, we realized the soundtrack produced by the electric motor and inverter had a character of its own. There's no faking it, either, it's a natural whine that makes XP-1 sound and feel unique," said Hole.

Image credit: Morgan Motor Company

The idea was to create a vehicle that is fun to operate, and Morgan seems to have managed this: "Everyone who has driven XP-1 comes back with a massive smile on their face," shared Hole. The XP-1 is not for sale now, but we might see it on the road one day if the demand is there.

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